Wine + WoW: Invalid Target for spells, auto attack works

Somehow this problem is occured from time to time from some reason. I’ve played WoW in Wine for few years without any issues and once that issue came unexpectedly.

Description of the issue:
– possible to use auto-attack
– impossible to use any spell to attack
– it’s happened mostly when you open web browser during playing

The problem isn’t with addons but with cache in WoW directory. You can clean your cache everytime if you have this kind of problem, but it’s most uncomfortable to do it during raid progress etc. Problem come not from the game or some patch, but from the Wine itself! Don’t know why, but the most reasonable solution is change window mode in winecfg.

Start winecfg, go to Graphics card and use only following two options:
– Allow the window manager to decorate the windows
– Allow the window manager to control the windows

Don’t use the option for emulation!
– Emulate a virtual desktop

From now the game should work without the described problem.

Wine 1.3, Wow 4.3.4 – Launcher.exe stuck and invalid target on game