Zyxel Prestige router hates Linux

How is this possible. Every station with Windows (XP, Vista, Seven) can be connected to the internet and Ubuntu Linux can connect only for a while? After few minutes browsing internet comming lag, freezing – annoying.

I don’t know why, but some routers have limitation on the number of NAT sessions. Default setting is 256! It is neccessary increase limit for sessions. How?

How to increase the number of NAT sessions on the ZyXEL router by using the telnet/command line interface:

* Start>Run>telnet://
* Enter your password.
* Enter menu selection number 24.
* Enter menu selection number 8.
* Optional: Type "ip nat session" & Enter
* Increase sessions, type "ip nat session 2048" & Enter
* Back out of telnet and reboot router.